Zombie Trail Paintball

The Situation...

Our Federal Government created a Zombie Task Force many years ago.  No one understood why until now.   There are three areas of the country that are seeing attacks by these once thought science fiction creatures.  We happen to be one those areas.

The years of government clinical research produced a “serum” that has proven effective at killing Zombies once and for all.  Unlike what TV has presented, the only way to kill a “Real” Zombie is to coat them with this “serum”.  The best way we have found to deliver the liquid is with a paintball gun.  The “serum” glows in the dark so you can see your bullet travel all the way to your target.   It will take all of us working together to stop the apocalypse.  Hurry down to 1533 Mason Grove Road between Jackson & Humboldt to help in the fight on the front line.

The Solution

You will ride on a 24’ trailer around a 1 mile path through the woods shooting targets and more importantly ZOMBIES. There may be some other creatures of the night as well. All are fair game.

Covid-19 Policy

We are checking temperatures upon entry and requiring masks when social distancing isn't possible.